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Body armor is basically a kind of protective armor designed to absorb or deflect ballistically charged projectiles. Since law enforcement and the military use body armor for this purpose, it is often called bulletproof vest. Although body armor was originally only used by military and police personnel, there’s been a rise in civilian popularity as well.

Body armor has several main types, but the most popular types are leather, vinyl and a bulletproof vest with integrated plates that stop bullet penetration. Bulletproof vests, especially the ones that incorporate plates, are extremely effective at stopping handguns and other firearms. The plates stop the bullet before it penetrates the skin. However, these vests do not stop other projectiles like brass headed firearms and other high velocity weapons. The only category of handgun that these jackets can prevent is the handgun itself.

An example of a bulletproof vest is the ballistic vest, which is specifically made to resist all calibers of handgun and shotguns. While it does not stop every handgun, it will protect you against most of them. Another example is a bulletproof vest with a modular system that includes armor piercing ammunition in it. This type of system incorporates soft points or energy dispersing cartridges that can pierce soft body armor and prevent the ammo from penetrating your skin. Soft points have been proven to prevent handguns in test trials. A good example of this is the FBI’s ballistic vest which was proven capable of preventing handgun penetration during a wide range of testing.